How To Write A Speech

How To Write A Speech

Speech Outline: Importance of Good Credit

Specific Purpose

The purpose of this speech is to inform individuals about the significance of maintaining good credit and to explore why individuals with otherwise good financial habits may find themselves with poor credit scores.

Thesis Statement

It is essential for individuals to understand the importance of their credit scores and the necessity of maintaining a good credit standing. A good credit score provides opportunities for financial freedom and access to various benefits.




I. Attention Getter: Many individuals face financial constraints, unable to purchase items or secure housing without access to credit. Their eligibility for credit facilities is determined by their credit score.

II. Introduce the Topic: Credit enables individuals to acquire goods and services before payment, based on trust that they will repay in the future.

III. Establish Credibility: In today's world, where immediate affordability is not always possible, credit plays a crucial role in accessing necessities. Trust and credibility, often assessed through credit scores, influence access to goods and services.

IV. Thesis Reinforcement: Understanding the importance of credit and maintaining a good credit score is vital for all individuals.

V. Main Points Preview: Having a good credit score facilitates comfortable housing and the ability to afford luxuries such as cars. Moreover, it eases the process of securing employment or obtaining loans for entrepreneurial endeavors.

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