Literature Review: Gender Discrimination at Work

Gender Discrimination at Work

Background Introduction

Gender discrimination at work has been a longstanding issue worldwide. This paper presents a literature review of five selected works that explore this issue from various angles, contexts, and time periods ranging from 2009 to 2012. These research materials provide relevant findings and projections applicable to contemporary situations.

Women and Gender Discrimination at the Workplace

A consistent theme across all surveyed research articles is the prevalent gender discrimination faced by women in the workplace. Regardless of historical period or background, women consistently emerge as primary victims of gender discrimination. Interestingly, this discrimination predates the feminist movements of the 1970s. 

Gender Discrimination and its Contribution to Inequality

Bobbitt-Zeher (2011) explains how gender discrimination impedes efforts towards gender equality, although clear evidence of its manifestation in the workplace is lacking. Nevertheless, it is evident that workplace gender discrimination negatively impacts women's overall experiences and contributes to inequality. 

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