Apex Assignments: Get expert academic help for your studies. https://apexassignments.com Mon, 07 Oct 2019 08:14:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://captainTeknics.com/?v=4.7.5 Tips to write a perfect literature review https://apexassignments.com/literature-review/tips-to-write-a-perfect-literature-review/ https://apexassignments.com/literature-review/tips-to-write-a-perfect-literature-review/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 03:13:35 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=625 A literature review, as the name suggests, is a review or the specific viewpoints given by the various scholars, authors, researchers and article writers on the topic of concern. Literature reviews contain the authentic information or the knowledge of the particular topic on which, the research is to be done. A literature review should be considered different from a book review. The main objective of a literature review is to give an overview or the outlook of the subject that is to be analyzed. In order to write a literature review, one should keep the goal of the particular review in mind.

Components of a Literature Review

A literature review should always include the following parts:

  • It should contain the information that is relevant to the topic or the subject under consideration.
  • It should highlight the different point of views given by distinct authors, scholars and researchers.
  • It should also include the critical point of view of different authors that can shed light on both aspects, i.e. positive and negative of the area under discussion.
  • It can also include the previous studies that support the topic.
  • It can contain a conceptual framework which directly highlights the key points and sub key points of the literature review and helps the reader to understand it easily.
  • It must consider mentioning the gaps in the previous researches.
  • It should be rich in references, that is, if number of references is high, it shows the richness of the content of the literature review.
  • It must show the general relation of the review with the literature.
  • It must be ended with the summary that concludes the literature review.

Steps to construct literature review

While making a literature review, following steps should be taken into consideration:

  • Assignment of topic or defining a topic: a research review can be written when a certain topic or the subject is assigned to it. Topic can also be subdivided into sub topics to make the review more intensive.
  • Content of review: the material that is to be included in the review should be searched carefully by using authentic search tools such as books, journals and scholarly articles. This point plays a crucial part in making the literature review genuine or authentic.
  • Aim of the review: the objectivity of the research should be clearly defined in the literature review in terms of the nature or the behavior of the author’s viewpoints.
  • Credibility of the review: a research review should ensure the significance or the values defined in it are convincing or not.
  • Assurance of authenticity: all the data or information given under the review should be derived from the ideas given by the accredited authors, scholars and researchers but should not be copied as same as written by them. This practice avoids the issue of plagiarism.

A literature review should simply define the perspective and ideas of the other authors with the direction of critics into it. It should not be vague and bulky to understand.

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Dissertation Proposal Guidelines https://apexassignments.com/dissertation-proposal/dissertation-proposal-guidelines/ https://apexassignments.com/dissertation-proposal/dissertation-proposal-guidelines/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 03:10:36 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=623 Dissertation or thesis is a written material stated generally after careful studies and experiments, usually for the Doctrine of Philosophy aspirants. It is required by the student that all the learning and outcomes must be clearly expressed. A good thesis usually answers the reason for the study, the initial and final readings, and in suggested ideas and improvements. Presentable dissertations with tables, diagrams, flow charts are much better than monotonous writings.

A thesis must consist the following contents:

  • Cover page:

The front page must give all the details about the author and his institute/ department, the title of the thesis, copy-write and reservation rights statement. It must be noted that no page number or date is present on the front page. Proper use of punctuation must be made.

  • table of contents:

The table of contents shows different headings and titles that will be used in the dissertation. It must include each heading and sub heading with proper numbering. The page numbers must be listed correctly to the right hand side of the respective heading. The front page, acknowledgement must not be listed in the contents.

  • List of tables:

It is not compulsory to provide the list of tables that has been used in the thesis. However, it is advised to use this as is makes it easier to locate any particular table in the thesis.

  • List of abbreviations:

This list is used when there are abbreviations used. Re-writing all the common words in unnecessary. However, it is advised to write the complete word at the first time for better understanding.

  • Introduction:

Introduction is the most important part of the thesis, as it passively depicts your understanding of the topic. Therefore, it must be written with utmost importance. It must introduce the topic state its present condition, and the problems that are faced previously. History related to the topic can also be included.

  • Aims and objectives:

Broad term objectives of the study must be done with specific vision and hope to achieve after the completion. Key steps may also be included. Strong positive statements are recommended.

  • Methodology:

The reach of the research with its methods that will be used are to be stated. The complete process starting from the reasons for selecting a particular method can be made. Also, any limitations in the methods done previously can be listed.

  • Literature review:

In this section summarized research about the topic is stated. Previous researches, papers, published articles and theories are declared here. The limitations of a method or advantage of any method over a previously attempted test must be made.

  • Scope and constraints

The future aspects of the thesis and its limitations associated to its specified range are written.

  • Resources:

All the sources of information about the topic must be made in this section.

  • Timetable:

A schedule of the work with the expected time of completion must be given. It can also be given either in tabular or in graphical representation.

  • Reference:.

A citation of all the cited books and online sources with their authors and institutes must be made.







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Dissertation Writing Tips https://apexassignments.com/dissertation/dissertation-writing-tips/ https://apexassignments.com/dissertation/dissertation-writing-tips/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 03:09:06 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=621  

It’s time when one has to show his/her working in terms of research or findings that has been done in doctoral degree. The dissertation is a path which is necessary as it let us to show the work which is done in practical or experimental way. Hard work has to show up in written matter, every finding one did during doctoral degree is necessary to get published and for this purpose, dissertation is used. Dissertation is basically defined as the exposition of a subject in which one has worked on. In simple words, it is a research paper that students write in order to complete the requirements for a doctoral degree. In the research paper, the abstract, introduction, every specifications, data, outcomes and sources are included which should give the sign of critical thinking that has been done by the student. Dissertation should encompass every data or simply every outcome, one’s brain has reached on.

Furthermore, it is taken as a contribution from your side for the world and it signifies your findings. For example, after graduation, resume is a record which shows the data of a student which includes his/her grades, activities, skills and it goes on. So the documents like these should have the basic tips and a perfect way that it should follow, so that it can be good enough to make a first time impression and a field that a student has worked on can bring a win-win situation always.

The basic elements that a dissertation should consist of are:

  • The work that is going to be in dissertation should be original; it cannot be secondary or taken from anywhere else.
  • The thesis of the research paper has to be hypothetical, so that further one can scrutinize it in the finding with evidence’s.
  • A dissertation should consist of the problem of one has worked on and the evidence found for the solution as it is difficult but one should has it as to deny or support the work.
  • If any technical data or any source is taken or is taken from any other journals or books, then it should be included in the references.
  • One cannot repeat sentences in the dissertation; it can be in one time and in precise way by adding citation in the end of the sentence.
  • Findings consist of any kind of data should not be in hazy manner, everything which is mentioned in it should be elucidated.
  • Grammatical mistakes cannot be tolerated in it as everyone expects these findings from very literate persons like scientists, engineers or doctors and so grammatical mistakes are not expected.
  • No humor can be added as dissertation is not for jokes and also one cannot be judgmental in the whole matter, only the work has to be defined from introductory part to the conclusion.
  • One should describe that in which way his/her work is going to contribute to the society as future aspect.
  • In the end of dissertation, one has to reach to some conclusion to give ending to the hypocrisy stated in the starting as to support it or deny it with every data one has collected.

As conclusion is necessary of everything happens or no matter if it is an essay or a dissertation, it has to be done clearly and positively with the facts and the principle of finding should be followed as the thinking or work of student matters, experimental data does not in the dissertation. As Frank J. Dobie said, “The average PhD thesis is nothing but the transference of bones from one graveyard to another”. The findings go on and transference of information let the world to keep working.


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Essay Writing Tips https://apexassignments.comessay/essay-writing-tips/ https://apexassignments.comessay/essay-writing-tips/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 03:05:58 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=619 Essay is a writing that does a deep analysis and evaluation of a particular topic. It is designed to get the academic opinion of the writer on a particular topic. More precisely, essay is a detail description and argument on a particular topic. Writing an essay does not mean re-telling the existing ideas but it is more about giving own ideas and arguments. Thus, the writer must have a clear knowledge about the topics, so that he/she can define them in a proficient manner.

An essay follows a specific pattern depending upon the places and environment under which, it is written. Essays written in schools and colleges are different from those essays written in the offices or some organisations. Essay can be a general essay or a specific essay. It can be a technical essay whose structure can be different from an ordinary essay. However, following five steps can be followed to write an effective essay:

  • Pick a Topic: You may have the topic assigned. If not, just pick a topic and think about what type of essay you are going to write, whether a technical or a general. It can be a general overview of the topic or the specific analysis.
  • Prepare and develop ideas: In this step, the writer must organise his/her ideas and thoughts. Examples and arguments are developed. Listing of ideas and thoughts can be done and connections between the ideas are developed.
  • Prepare Introduction: It is the basic presentation of the ideas of the writer relating to the main topic. The introduction about the topic should attract the reader’s attention and show the focus of the essay. The starting of introduction can be done with an attention statement by writing a shocking sentence or a quote. However, this should be depicted in the thesis sentence which is the last sentence of the introduction. The main purpose of this is to present a thesis statement about the topic. The thesis statement gives the reader a clear picture about the whole essay.
  • Prepare Main Body: The middle part of the essay is body part. The body of the essay explains or argues about the topic. There can be a number of paragraphs in the body part. But the first sentence of the paragraph should be the topic sentence. Various sub headings can also be explained in this paragraph. Body is the largest part of the essay that can be divided into more than one sub-part. Here, the writer uses arguments and quotes examples about the topic. Writer can provide data and facts to prove the arguments.
  • Prepare Conclusion: This is the closer of the essay and sums up all the ideas presented in the essay. In this section, a simple review of the main points is done and essay is summarized. In this paragraph, the writer gives his concluding remarks of the essay. Effective conclusions can be opened with concluding transitions such as “in conclusion”’ & “at the end”. At last the thesis statement is re-stated by proving or refusing the thesis statement.




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 How to ace your Homework? https://apexassignments.com/homework/how-to-ace-your-homework/ https://apexassignments.com/homework/how-to-ace-your-homework/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 03:04:38 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=617  

Home Assignment or homework is a predefined set of tasks, which is given to the students by their respective subject-guides or teachers to get completed outside their classroom or teaching premises. This practice is usually carried in every schools and academic institution to critically examine that the topic, the students have been taught in the classrooms, is well assimilated by them or not.

There are variety of home assignments given to the students like solving a set of questions, reading and understanding a topic, researching a topic, carrying out a survey, a project and many more. The basic objective of assigning homework to student is to reinforce the matter, which has already taught to them by their respective faculty. Beside this, when a student regularly complete all his/her homework the he remains updated to all the topics that he has been taught in class and unknowingly he gets prepared for his upcoming examinations.

Besides getting prepared for exams, when a student at home tries hard to solve a question of his homework, strive to break the ice and get the correct answer, integrate all his abilities and skills to a new situation. After this he undergoes a brain exercise, which is very essential for his mental growth. Thus, homework is very beneficial for a student’s intellectual growth.

If the perspective of a student towards homework is considered then he/she might not be aware about the benefits of doing homework and always considers homework as a burden and finds that it is both time- consuming, as well as, frustrating. So a few tips illustrated below to ace our homework and get it done in a quicker yet efficient way. Firstly, a student needs to pay attention in the class to understand each and every concept taught by the teacher so that he can use all those concepts in his homework. Secondly, a student needs to dedicate a fixed amount of time for doing assignments each day and remain stick to it. Apart from this he must consider these crucial aspects:

  • Before attempting the homework he must go through the questions or the topic of homework and figure out what has been asked to do.
  • Study the homework related topics before initiating to avoid frustration while doing homework.
  • Gather all the concepts and supplies the facts that you know or provided by the teacher.
  • Plan and organize the various steps to be done.
  • In case of getting stuck while doing homework, motivate yourself.
  • Avoid distractions and seek for privacy for doing homework as it saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Prepare a priority list of assignments that needs to be completed urgently and postpone those ones which can be delayed.
  • Prefer daytime over night for doing assignments since our efficiency is high in day as compared to night hours.
  • Start appreciating and rewarding after completion of each step of the assignment and always maintain a positive attitude.
  • At last, a student should change his mind-set about assignments and slowly try to understand the importance of it in his academic front.

Thus, if a student positively follows all the steps mentioned above, he may certainly be able to complete all his homework on time or even before time with improved efficiency, which will eventually provide him a great learning experience and help him to achieve academic excellence.

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How to fall in Love with your Next Research Paper https://apexassignments.com/research-paper/how-to-fall-in-love-with-your-next-research-paper/ https://apexassignments.com/research-paper/how-to-fall-in-love-with-your-next-research-paper/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 03:03:33 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=615  

Research papers are documents written in support of the research work done to get a qualification. Writing a research paper can be boring as it requires a deep knowledge about the topic on which research is done and for that one has to read and review many papers. For writing a good and appropriate research paper one should give enough time to work on it. Research paper should be specific and simple, and all ideas should be worked out in that. Since, the things can be boring while making a research paper these things should be done:

  • Reward yourself for writing: You can reward yourself after finding a thing or after writing a page or two by, getting yourself a cake, muffin and if nothing you can just remind yourself that you are still working on the roots.
  • Never place your worth for completing something: If you are working and writing regularly on it then you are already good enough and you can reward yourself for that.
  • Don’t push yourself hard: You should be flexible with their schedule, if the tasks for the day is not completed, do not get demotivated.
  • Don’t punish yourself: Don’t be impatient and punish yourself, you should praise yourself for working hard.
  • Find a motivational partner: Find a friend who is also doing research work and talk to your friend from time to time to get motivated. A competition between two friends can also motivate to complete our work early.
  • Think about the benefits: Think about the benefits you will get after finishing your work; it will motivate you to complete your work on time.

By doing these things one can get motivated to complete their research work. Doing a research makes a difference in society; it gives a satisfaction of doing something different than others. Since nature has no policy of giving up on secrets, whether it’s biomedical or brains, so it becomes more challenging to discover and to prove it. In order to prove it competition helps in winning which is fun, as everyone loves to win, and to fall in love with your next research paper these things should be kept in mind:

  • Research papers give opportunity to write our own views which will help in motivating.
  • Choosing a topic which is familiar helps in caring about the paper and the work.
  • Writing Questions about the topic which is relevant to paper.
  • Ditch your distractions in order to write properly.
  • Brainstorm and cluster your thoughts for effective writing.
  • Be curious about the topic so that it can help in working hard.
  • Read your paper backwards, which will create problems and the curiosity, will increase to know the meanings.
  • ”I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I Understand”, by Confucius. Follow this and it will be easy working on research papers and a better researcher you will become.


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How to Write a Good Dissertation https://apexassignments.com/dissertation/how-to-write-a-good-dissertation/ https://apexassignments.com/dissertation/how-to-write-a-good-dissertation/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 03:02:28 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=613 Writing a dissertation may seem like an overwhelming task to many. One gets nightmares when one thinks of writing a few hundred pages of work which will have to be submitted to distinguished scholars for their approval. Also, it involves a lot of research, both online and offline. Hence, fear needs to be overcome and perseverance should be practised when it comes to writing a dissertation.

A good dissertation should:

  • have a clear purpose and objective, based on a well thought out thesis
  • be widely researched and planned in detail
  • exhibit the student’s grasp of relevant concepts
  • include an analysis of the topic, critical evaluation and also discussion, besides the description
  • contain correct referencing
  • be structured
  • be expressed in a suitable academic way

Check the requirements

Before beginning, any important writing for your dissertation, do check the necessary requirements regarding:

  • the minimum and maximum word limit
  • whether the word limit includes references, the abstract and the appendices
  • the marking scheme


Check with your appointed supervisor about the required structure as there are variations in structure in different disciplines. The commonly used structure is given below:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgements
  • Content page (s)
  • Introduction
  • Literature review or Materials and methods
  • Sources and methods or Results
  • Discussion or Findings
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendices

Every section has its own importance:

Title Page

Be specific about the research that you have done. According to your discipline, check the necessary format of the title page.


Though it might be a short section, but it must be written well because it is an important element of your work. It is, in essence, a summary of the entire research and should be able to represent the procedure of the research and its results and implications. Your abstract will be assessed by the examiners both as a part of the thesis as well as an independent document.

It may be best to write it last, after being sure about what one is summarising.


You can read acknowledgements in other dissertations in your field to get a fair idea about this section. You may mention people who have been very supportive or helpful.

Content page

It will show the structure of the thesis.


It has two main functions:

  • to expand the material in the abstract
  • to give a brief idea about the content in the rest of the dissertation

Literature Review

This chapter describes the present state of research in your discipline. It shows your awareness about your work in your field.


Depending on the style of reporting suitable for your field, you may have to take decisions about the order of results or whether you begin with an overview or move on directly to the details of the results.


You can state the implications of your study for research, theory and practice.


State the main pints which have emerged and what are their implications for your field.


They need to written according to the required referencing style.


Devote enough time to your work. Present your thoughts in a structured manner. Leave time to proofread thoroughly.










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Right Approach for Accounting, Statistics or Finance Homework https://apexassignments.com/homework/right-approach-for-accounting-statistics-or-finance-homework/ https://apexassignments.com/homework/right-approach-for-accounting-statistics-or-finance-homework/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 03:00:28 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=611 An Accounting, Statistics or Finance Homework needs to be written very precisely.  It can range from a simple solution to a numerical problem or an advanced financial analysis and depiction of financial models. When an assignment is written on the topic, there are a few cardinal do’s and don’ts s which must be paid attention to as an incorrect approach may deviate from the correct approach by just a little, but the impact it might have on the net result can be massive. The most practical approach is to keep in mind and adhere to the object of the assignment.

When any statistical, financial or accounting data is being dealt with, the common thing that can be found is that each step has a link to the next one. In case one step goes wrong, the resulting steps would definitely lead to an incorrect information or conclusion. The primary idea to be kept in mind is to have a step-by-step approach, all of which must be clearly outlined. Creating an outline keeps the assignment well organized. Organization of information is of high importance. Since the work done, is mostly in steps and needs to be sorted in order to make any sense, a proper organization saves ample time.

From a statistical or financial standpoint, the objective of the assignment is to test the reasoning, analytic and conclusive power of the student. In a Financial/Accounting assignment, topics such as Corporate Risk, International Financial Markets, Portfolio Management, and Financial Statement Analysis are generally included. Whereas the topics such as Probability, Mean Difference, Modal Selection, Spatial Analysis, Deviation are covered in a Statistical assignment. Inclusion of Figures such as graphs and charts, and tables is another effective form of alleviating the presentation of the assignment. A visual representation of data lends a perspective. Not only does a tabular representation look more professional, but also it provides the relevant information at a glance and is most certainly less time consuming. A tabular representation must not be vague, irrelevant, inconclusive, or confusing. Therefore, while incorporating tables or charts, the above-mentioned points must be adhered to. As stated previously, the object is to work upon the given data, derive one form of data from the other and draw conclusions based thereupon. This is the part wherein, analytic and conclusive powers are put to a test. Therefore, it is a must for a student to ponder upon and conceptualize the given topic as much as possible. All the work done and efforts put into the assignment would be an absolute waste if a conclusion cannot be reached upon. Having a critical thinking is a key requirement in all kinds of home-works. It gives the assignment the cutting edge- an intellectual approach which enables the selection of relevant and the most-agreeable piece of information. In the end, when writing the conclusion, it must be clearly stated, in accordance with the title.



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Win your Next Essay https://apexassignments.com/essay/win-your-next-essay/ https://apexassignments.com/essay/win-your-next-essay/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 02:58:19 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=609 Essay is the author’s own piece of work, which gives the views and arguments regarding the specific selected essay topic. The essay consists of three important parts which include introduction, main body and conclusion. Writing an effective and captivating essay can be troublesome, when you are writing it for the first time and also if the topic is not of your interest but you can overcome all the difficulties by following few easy points. Few important aspects should be kept in mind while working on next Essay. The language used should be in third person and lucid. It’s also important to understand the topic thoroughly by exploring each word from the topic. This would help in giving idea of all the points that you need to cover in your writing.  Analyse and plan the essay before writing it and keep the objective clear while writing.

Including an introduction part in the essay is essential which gives a brief idea of all the aspects that you would discuss in the main body. Highlight the area of concern in the introduction so that a visualisation is presented to the reader regarding the discussion or arguments that would be presented in the essay. This part is covered by the thesis of the essay. Thesis is the statement which needs to be proved in your discussion. So it should be made after selecting the points that are of the utmost importance and would be elaborated and explained to support the discussion.

The writer of the essay needs to research all the keywords and gather information regarding the thesis statement of the essay. After doing sufficient research and gaining satisfactory knowledge related to the issue, the author needs to generate his view point. Writing on each point is not possible, so decide the points that would be emphasised in your discussion and present your ideas in an organised manner to support your viewpoint.  They should be supported with concrete examples from relevant sources and investigate all the details of the issue. Main body should support the introduction and thesis with effective selection of words and comprehensive language.  The ideas should be presented in an organized fashion rather than being vague and thus maintaining the flow and interest of the reader.

The essay must cover all the details of the topic as it is the governing factor to ensure that you win in presenting your essay. Conclusion is the most important part in any sphere and so you need to write it with greatest care as it would be the final nail in the coffin. It is the crux of your complete writing and hence it must include all the outcomes, effect, reaction, repercussion, and consequence of the points discussed in crisp and compact fashion. Check your essay whether you have mentioned the accurate details and the language is presented in an objective and simple manner and easy to understand what you are stating in the complete essay. Revise your essay and remove the errors, so that it is up to mark and as per the standards of your objective. The key to winning is to ensure that you practice the essay writing and include strong words to support your statements.

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MLA referencing https://apexassignments.com/essay/mla-referencing/ https://apexassignments.com/essay/mla-referencing/#respond Sun, 06 Mar 2020 02:54:20 +0000 http://apexassignments.com/?p=607 Download MLA referencing from below link:


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