Enhancing Healthcare Delivery through Telehealth

Enhancing Healthcare Delivery through Telehealth


Technology continues to redefine various industries, including healthcare, with telehealth emerging as a significant innovation. Telehealth involves the remote provision of healthcare services through automated and computerized systems, enabling personalized care delivery regardless of the patient's physical location (WHO, 2018). 

Advantages of Telehealth

  1. Improved Quality of Care: Research conducted by O'Connell (2015) underscores the positive impact of telehealth on enhancing the quality of care, particularly in managing long-term health conditions. By facilitating remote monitoring and personalized interventions, telehealth promotes adherence to prescribed treatment regimens.

  2. Enhanced Patient Compliance: Telehealth initiatives have demonstrated success in promoting patient compliance with treatment protocols, particularly among senior patients. By providing convenient access to healthcare services and fostering patient confidence, telehealth reduces apprehension and fear, leading to increased adherence to therapy recommendations. 


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