Consumerism and Advertising: Shaping the American Dream

Consumerism and Advertising: Shaping the American Dream

Influence of Popular Culture

Popular culture, particularly in film and television, plays a significant role in shaping people's perceptions of the American dream. Favorite actors, actresses, television shows, and movies have always had a profound impact on individuals, influencing how they behave and how they perceive and define themselves in relation to the American dream. One notable influence is the portrayal of social success in popular television shows and films. 

Celebrity Influence on Consumer Behavior

Actress Bethenny Frankel serves as a prime example of how on-screen personalities can impact consumer behavior. Frankel's launch of the alcohol brand "Skinnygirl" has garnered immense popularity among fans and individuals aspiring to emulate her lifestyle. 

Aspirations and the American Dream

Central to the American dream is the desire for freedom, democracy, and protection from discrimination, allowing individuals to enjoy a life of opportunity and prosperity. 







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